Saturday, October 03, 2009

Develop One Weakness, Makes All the Difference

When you are good at something, it's very easy to rely on that strength to get you through most situations. You know you are good at it an it's worked in the past. Don't fix if it's not broken right? I get this but often times, what once worked in the past does not work in the present. One needs to constantly find ways to get better and improve.

A colleague of mine is a tennis player and he's an excellent player. When he first started playing, he had a great forehand and used it all the time. Instead of developing a backhand all he did was take two extra steps to his left and hit a forehand: powerful, accurate, down the line, WINNER.

Over time, he realized that to progress his tennis game, he had to develop his weakness, his backhand. Doing this would require hard work, training, and practice. Note that he did not focus on developing all areas of his tennis game, just one vital component: his backhand. He did not worry about all his "weaknesses," just the immediate and most important one that would pay the highest dividends once he mastered it.

Turning a weakness into a strength provided him with a competitive edge. What better way to reveal a killer backhand when everyone is expecting a forehand!

In order to survive in today's business environment, you need to push yourself to get better and round out your skills by improving your vital weaknesses, one at a time. Focus on developing skills and behaviors that drive the greatest results. Change at a faster rate than what is changing around you. If change is happening faster than you can adapt, you will not survive.

David Chao
The Web Conferencing Expert