Friday, March 06, 2009

iLinc Layoffs Sales!!!

iLinc lays off sales team!!!

The writing was on the wall as iLinc deregistered from the stock exchange on Feb 13th. iLinc has officially laid off a large portion of their sales force! iLinc has approximately 80 employees but the actual number of those laid off has not been confirmed.

Not sure if and when the company will officially close its door but I can only imagine that the investors and shareholders have lost all their investments. The stock last traded at $0.08 share before deregistering and Return on Equity was almost (-90%.)

It's unfortunate to see any company go through layoffs and under these tough economic times, it's clear that iLinc could not whether the storm...all the more reason why partnering with companies that are financially stable, have a proven management team, own the intellectual property on theie technology and have a strong and loyal customer base.

The iLinc layoff is no surprise. A moment of silence please...(5 seconds later)

Okay, everyone back to business!

David Chao
The Web Conferencing Expert